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About Henry

Henry Manuel Kuiaia’aku Diaz, is an American Indian of the Taino band of the Arawak nation. Native New Yorker, Inter-Faith Minister, and Spiritual Healer. Henry gained experience in the metaphysical and spiritual study with his family elders and and later in life from tribal mentors. Parallel to Henry’s upbringing, at the same time he worked for several major New York City based non-profit community organizations. Starting at grassroots level, fostering and developing his talent for community organizing, graphic design, training, and counseling.

Side note, Henry served as a Human Rights Youth Commissioner, during Mayor Dinkins’ last term, as a liaison for NYC’s LGBTQ youth community. Providing a information-referral hub of LGBT services and programs for NYC’s city public administration office.

In his 27 years of professional, Henry has rendered his expertise of digital graphic design,illustration, and photography to non and for profit businesses. Add two more years, Henry also imparted his spiritual wisdom and knowledge of Tarot, Astrology, Numerology, Dream analysis, and various other spiritual and healing modalities to business colleagues and private clients. As an ordained interfaith minister with a minor studies in theater, Henry is a “renaissance wo/man” using the stage to further his ministry to the public.

All of Henry’s work stems from a creative source, some call him and artist, others call him a genius, and many call him an ‘angel’. But no title can capture his loyalty to inspire us all to realize and celebrate the diversity of the human spirit in our every day, as spiritual beings having a human experiences.

Familiarize yourself with his art, photography, social media, and spiritual musings on this site, his blogs and his podcasts “Oral Fix“, and “Lady Chamaka“.

Oral Fix Podcast

A geekly-weekly, social commentary podcast for the gay community. Featuring celebrity interviews and topical commentaries on LGBT culture. Topics range from music to fashion, politics to metaphysics, and from tech to sex.  Hosted by Henry M. Diaz.

Lady Chamaka

Mystress of the Tarot!
Fearing less, and loving more. With the most ‘divine’ bearded Lady in the world!